listening tour

yana is a professional facilitator embarking on a listening tour, not just a campaign

Professional facilitators run meetings, but not in the same way a meeting “Chair” usually does. Where Chairs usually have their own strong agendas for how a meeting is going to go, facilitators serve a role of listening, making connections, and making sure what is said in the meeting is taken forward into practical action.

Yana is a professional facilitator. Listening and crafting solutions based on what she is hearing is second nature to her at this point. That’s one of the reasons why Yana’s campaign will be starting with a Listening Tour.

The humility to know what you don’t know and ask others is a critical part of really responsive governance.

Yana will be traveling around Wyoming during the remainder of 2019, getting to know folks and doing mini-speeches followed by listening and taking extensive notes on what is important to the people of Wyoming. Those notes will be an important part of forming Yana’s work as both a candidate and a Senator. She will also be convening a series of advisory councils on issues where she has questions of he own about the best ways forward. Keep watch here for the current advisory council topic, and contact the campaign if you’d like to be one of the people representing Wyoming on that topic.

The current advisory council topic is: Guns

The Listening Tour schedule will be posted here, and there will be notices on social media about upcoming events. You can also contact the campaign to set up a listening tour stop, to request Yana to meet with a group of people while she is in your area, or to join an advisory council.

Yana relies on small donors to make her campaign happen.



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